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I think it is still not too late to wish my dear readers out there a......
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!!..
This is a late wishes because i was thinking to make an entry with all my new year resolutions and so on. But somehow, i keep delayed it with all the excuses. Therefore today i decide to just put up this entry with my warm wishes for the new year to all of you. 

I have so many things in mind to achieved and to be done this year. 
I will spend some time to write it down and share with you guys once i finish it. 

Just to let you know that i am excited for this year because i feel so positive there will be many great things will happen in my life. In my family, career, relationship, spirituality and so on. I will keep myself in a positive mind even though it will be very difficult to do so with all the stressful things which might happen at work and at home. 

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With that i wish you all the great things in year 2014!!!..

Best Wishes,
Little Rose


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