Seaweed as Food Supplement

Did you ever take any dry seaweed as your food supplement. It was so famous in Sabah and everywhere else in Malaysia. People are talking about the nutritions of this seaweed if you take it regularly. Some called it Pure Marine Collagen. I don't know much about this if it is true or not. I search for more information about this species because there is a farming project under Fisheries Department project for community development somewhere in Semporna. There is farmers of seaweed in Semporna, Sabah. These rural people improve their household income by involving in this project. That is a good news to hear.

Okay, back to this seaweed species. I am very lazy to write information about this seaweed because if you type correct keywords in Google Search, you will founds hundreds articles about it. Why? Because there are so many seaweed sellers/ or distributors out there. They wrote anything, everything about it especially the benefits of taking it in your daily diet. Here, let me give you some links so you will directed to the sites that will give you more complete information.

1) Wiki explain the details information about the species called Eucheuma.

2) What is the Sea Bird Nest? Read this to know more about the Benefits of Eucheuma cottonnii.

3) It's the project that government did in some parts of Malaysia. Here is the research done by Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA), Seaweed culture and utilisation in Malaysia - Status, Challenges and Economic Potential.

Actually what i want to share is about, i am one of the user of this seaweed. My family is taking this seaweed as our food supplement. However, my mum and one of my older sister stop taking already. Meanwhile, another two of my elder sisters still taking it. One of them taking it because she have high blood pressure, this seaweed helps her to maintain her blood pressure level. The other sister taking it for her youthful and to keep her healthy. She recovering from her big size (she is a bit overweight back in 2010 or 2011) because taking seaweed and doing regular exercise. Now, she back to size M from XXL. Impressive.

As for me, i start to take it because i have problem with my digestion. Not feeling comfortable with my stomach and i have a problem to go to the toilet. I just started taking the purple seaweed yesterday. I am taking it morning before breakfast and night before dinner.

I will share with you guys, once i get the results. If you are one of the user of this seaweed, perhaps, you wanna share with us what is your results. *wink*

Little Rose


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