Lost Inside

Photo by InsideMe at DeviantART

Where am i? 
What am i doing here?
What brings me here?
Lost in this small space
Lost my directions
Lost my inner self
Lost inside

Should i give up?
Do nothing about it
Should i return to where i am from?
Should i just follow the flow?

Photo by Zindy at deviantART

My heart is aching
My brain is suffering
My body is weaken

I need wine, NO
I need beer, NO
I need music, NO
I need friend, MAYBE
I need family, MAYBE

What i need the most?
I need YOU LORD, Yes i need YOU
Your strength to strengthen me
Your love to forgive others
Your wisdom to be wise
Your meekness to be humble
Guide me dear LORD
Show me Your way
God bless.....

With Heart Full of Worries,
Little Rose


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