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I Welcome 2015 with Open Hands

I have been thinking a lot. Thinking on what have I done with my life? With the 33 years that God has given me a chance to live on this earth, what is actually I am doing with my life? As my age increase, I realize I develop quite a lot of bad habits and negative thoughts. Where gone my cheerfulness, where gone my generosity, where gone my sensitivity to others around me, where gone my openness to the new challenge? Where did it all gone? Did I choose to be who I am now? Yes, of course I create the me who I am now. Grumpy and older not mature and wiser. I don’t want to live in my past, I want to live the present and dream of the great future but what did I do? The past is like haunted me and couldn't let go. The past that makes me miserable, the past that made me feel I am unworthy, the past with so many IF, I WISH.... I learned a tough lesson in life and I survive. Yes, I survive, that is the most important thing right now. I pass through the turmoil and I will keep going forwar…