Korean Food Cravings

My sister found this Korean Restaurant Page in Facebook and she really want to try it out. So, not to turn her down, I agree to have a try for our dinner yesterday. We went there around 7pm and there is quite a number of people already. After we enter and find a table to sit, we can see more and more people are coming. According to the waitress which is serving us, the restaurant is open for about three months now and the ratings is quite high for locals who love Korean food. Customers high peak is during dinner time. I can see it as the time reach 8pm onwards, more people coming and some are in big groups, families and friends. To find out more about this restaurant, can look at their Facebook page and search for it. The address of this restaurant is:
No.38, Lorong Sena 8,
Jalan Pahlawan (Pahlawan Commercial Centre)
96000 Sibu, Sarawak.
This is the Omaya Restaurant page in FB.
What we have for our dinner? We have this (I couldn't get the name!).. I am sorry because I forgot to took a photo of its menu and I forgot the name of the meal we order. But somehow, I capture the photos of it. Hi hi hi.. I think I am not a good foodie blogger but somehow, I am a good eater. Ha Ha Ha..
The table for two
This is how table for two were set. We were served with this main dish on the hot plate and it will be fried at the table with no oil. I think it must be because of the fried pan looks very cool that we don't need oil to fry this mixture of veggies, marinate chicken, rice cake, Korean ramen and the Korean paste on it. Oh no, don't criticize me, I am very bad in remembering all the names of the cooking utensils (note that I cook at home btw..). Despite that main dish also the side dish which is of course my favourite all the time KIMCHI and soup. There also salad for the main dish.

The hot plate.. ready to eat! Spicy and hot.. ha ha ha
There are other dishes but since its only two of us, we only try this and I may say it is sufficient for our hungry tummy. As for drinks, there are varieties of fresh juices and also you can add on the candy cotton! But I didn't try the candy cotton because it looks very big on top of the juice glass....

This is the view of the restaurant from the outside entrance.
View inside the restaurant
My overall comments is, the food is awesome (only if you a fan of spicy Korean food), price is medium not too expensive and not too cheap (okaylah!), service is awesome because I can make friend with the waitress (thumbs up for her laugh and smile!). I give 4 stars! Why not 5 stars? Because the taste of the KIMCHI is not up to what I thought it would be. But somehow, already informed the lady owner that kimchi is not so nice.. (Phew!)

Try it out if you are in Sibu!
Korean Food Cravings,


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