It Is None of My Business

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At present, i am sure many people talk about me, don't get me wrong, i am not a celebrity though (LOL). But, it doesn't matter because they see things happen around me. They make their own assumption and judgement based on what they see and what they think they know. Some maybe criticize and condemn me, some maybe pity me, some maybe doesn't really care. Thus, i decide to just be silent and move on with my life. I don't have to justify to all people why i am doing this and why not that etc.

As i scroll over my FB newsfeed, i saw this post by Mr. Martin Jalleh, What other people think of me is none of my business! by Brenda Freeman.. I read through that short article and, hmmm... its quite true. So, here it is.
Many people have told me over the course of my life that “What other people think about you is none of your business.” Early in my life, and even in recent times, I had striven to be liked, to not upset people, to keep the peace, but I found all I managed to do was put myself in a twist trying to please everyone in all things. When I was first told this quote, “What Other People Think of me is None of my Business”, it was one of those light bulb moments. You know the one when it all seems so clear and simple. I realized in an instant that what people think about me, truly isn’t about me. It is about them, not me. Their thoughts are not my business. It is theirs. I had been striving for the impossible. To always be thought of in the “right way” by other people. While it is “nice” to be highly thought of by others, I now understand that it is far more beneficial, and far more achievable to be highly thought of by myself. Are you a people pleaser, but harbour deep felt resentment in doing so? It is impossible to make everyone happy with the choices we make. If you worry about getting everyone’s approval, you’d never get anywhere. If you let what others think of you become your business, it will consume all of your time and energy, draining you of the ability to move on in your life. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean being completely ignorant of others feelings, but rather their thoughts about you. You cannot change their mind by constantly worrying and stressing about what they think of you. What you can do, is be the person you are truly meant to be and feel comfortable with that. More than comfortable though, be the person that you want to spend your time with. Forget the thoughts about you from others and concentrate on the thoughts you have about yourself. I have done a lot of soul searching in recent years and have finally learned to accept and love the person I am without having to put on any fronts. I no longer live my life based on what others might think of me, whether it be negative or positive. We all like to hear those positive thoughts from others, but remember that whatever the thoughts from others are, it “Is None of Our Business”. The words from others are useless unless we believe them to be true in our own hearts. In reality they probably have other things on their minds other than what you are doing.
It is truly none of my business. I am just doing what my hearts tell me to do. As long as my journey is guided by the Holy Spirit, i know i am blessed and i am heading to the right path..

"When I have nothing, I appreciate more. When i am lost and fall, God found me and lift me up. When God is in me, i have nothing to fear because He will provide and leads me to the greatness."

I am who i Am.....
Little Rose


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