My 2016 Birthday - Jungle Style

I was on my High Conservation Value assessment's field trip to Ulu Baram from 15th until 23rd June 2016. It happens to be my birthday was exactly the time i am still walking in the forest observing birds, mammals, frogs and enjoying the cooling nice morning mists. We didn't celebrate because none of my friends aware of my birthday but it doesn't really matters for me because what i really need is a prayers. Woke up in the morning, i say a little prayer for my birthday this year.

“O St Therese of the Child Jesus, it is my birthday today. I want to give thanks and praise Jesus for this 35 years of my life blessings. Teach me your little way which will bring me closer to Mama Mary and her son, Jesus. Continue to pray for me and guide me in my life journey on earth till the day that i die and meet you in Heaven. I love you Jesus, I love you Mama Mary, I love you St. Therese of the Child Jesus. Amen.”

I am thankful to God for the gift of life and i has been given a chance to live 35 years on this earth. I ask no more than a good health and be the lights to others. Love more and give more to people around me. Your grace is enough Lord. 

Grateful Heart,
Little Rose


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