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Review on MAXGear M3 PLUS Heart Rate Smartband

It took me a while to finally decide to buy this smartband. When i went back home for Christmas, i saw my brother were using this type of heart rate monitor wristband. Asking my sister-in-law where she bought it for my brother and if it is safe to buy online. Then, she recommend me to check on a few websites such as LAZADA and 11th Street. So, i did search for it. I make and online search and found a few different brands on these two website. Lazada gave slightly higher price than 11th Street so finally i decide to place my order from 11th Street because it came with free shipping (Yippie!). At this stage, i didn't know that MaxGear have its own website and also Facebook page and the price there is a little bit cheaper.

Here is my review:

It is easy to place my order and i don't have any problem making online payment as well. (5/5)The order only takes seven days to reach me and one week for me is an ideal time because i am from East Malaysia, Sarawak to be specific. Besides i …

Review of Food i Hunt in 2017

I am a fan of Chinese food. Seriously, i just like everything about Chinese food especially soups but i am not the one that crazy about the internal organs or too exotic Chinese food, just the ordinary one. Sharing a few photos of food that i get last year which is not so awesome for others but it great for my happy stomach. (^-^)

This is only a few dishes that i tried and almost had it whenever i craving for it. Hoping that this year 2018, i will be able to prepare this food myself. Need to learn how to cook. (^_^)

Happy New Year 2018!