Review of Food i Hunt in 2017

I am a fan of Chinese food. Seriously, i just like everything about Chinese food especially soups but i am not the one that crazy about the internal organs or too exotic Chinese food, just the ordinary one. Sharing a few photos of food that i get last year which is not so awesome for others but it great for my happy stomach. (^-^)

Black Vinegar Noodle
Taste quite good and for me it almost similar with other famous Chinese noodle here such as Kolok Mee & Kampua Mee. But it does have a different taste. I love it!

Hopoh Lui Cha
There is a few different types if Lui Cha based on who prepares it. I have taste Hakka Lui Cha too and both have different taste. This one have a slight different in term of sweetness and bitterness. The mixture of various types veggies and rice is sweet and the green soup is very mild and not bitter at all. Besides, i like it when they didn't mix the peanuts inside the bowl so i can put it aside if i don't want to take the peanut. I love this too!

Fu Lok Minced Pork Rice
This was introduced by my friend and i love it though i can not take it too much. Lucky that the serving portion is small and just nice for me to finish it all. Somehow, i love this too!

Bitter Gourd (Minced Pork) Soup
This is my must eat. I love bitter gourd. Some prepare this soup by put in some pork ribs but this one without pork ribs also already delicious to my tummy. My must have for lunch or dinner with white rice. Yummy! I love it! 

Braised Pork Rice
This was my first time trying this and i love it!
This is only a few dishes that i tried and almost had it whenever i craving for it. Hoping that this year 2018, i will be able to prepare this food myself. Need to learn how to cook. (^_^)

Happy New Year 2018!


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