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Reflection for Year 2017

Year 2017 was full of surprises and unexpected decisions that i made which i think some of it come out to be good and some might not. Whatever it is, i still think everything happens for a reason. This is my reflection i wanted to share here before we finishing our first quarter of the new year. 

When i hold on to things that i can not change and expect at the end it will be what i wish it to be, is very painful and heartbreaking. Thus, i decide to let go and let GOD took over. After realizing this, i notice that my heart is at peace and i can really move on in life and just living moments by moments. It does took courage to let go because there is uncertainty to things in future but by prayers and my faith in God, i finally make it through. It is really such a relief and life is never be the same when the decision is made.

Thank you Lord for giving me a great year with so much life worth experiences and with that i grow to get closer to you too. Praise be to God.  --- May this year b…