Went back home, tired. But it is okay. This is just another ordinary day though. Nothing much of interesting and extraordinary things happen. Only something that make me piss off. However i already recover from it even though not really fully recover. Hope it will be settled later.

Meet a friend at town. We had a chat for a while. It was great to meet an old friend (not so old only about two months we didn't see each other). Friends is something that i treasured the most. I love all of my friends very much because they are always there for me especially at the time i in need. But, they are also there when i am happy because i wanted to share that moments with them too. Hmmm..not sure what i am mumbling over here. But what i really wanted to say is that....


Lucky we have FACEBOOK to get connected and updates of our current status and activities. Thanks to FACEBOOK.


  1. Friends are people that we should treasure. True friends are very few and hard to come by. Recently, an incident happen when I was visiting a friend and it made me realised that maybe she is not a true friend after all. I have written about it in my blog, post title: so much distrust, do visit. My blog:


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