A Better Way - Part 4


We began by stating that the decision to love is the basis of the sacrament of matrimony. It is a love involving a man, a woman and God. By choosing the better way, not the path of cohabitation, a couple has chosen God’s way, in fact, Jesus’ way preached in the New Testament.

The lesson is clear: To follow Jesus, living “his way,” will not be understood by those turned secular or worldly in their criteria; they will not applaud us but they cannot deny our witness. But what each of us will do or not do does not depend upon the approval or applause of others, only upon our commitment to God’s original design and Jesus’ way in following it. After all, as professed disciples of Jesus we have committed ourselves to true love and its discipline. And he walks with us from Nazareth to Calvary to heaven.

The prayers of the Church are with our couples preparing for marriage to see that God’s way is not only the better way, but the right and only way.


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