Piss Off

I start my day with smile and greets every one i met in the office today. Having my breakfast with friends because my office out of electricity. So, i do hope it will be a good day. But.......

Sometimes it will not turn out as what we hope right? Must be something happen and bother you. Yaiks...i recieved my pay slip and my salary for two days has been cut off. This really makes me wanna.........use this.....and point to somebody head..hahaha

(photocredit to: ihateitall)

But somehow we have to overcome our anger right. I used to get mad and start to complaining. However, the best solution is to get the right people to be asked about why this happen. They have to explained and if there is something wrong, then hope we can fixed it together...That is the right way i think.

So, hope things will be turn out to be good. I didn't absent anyway.


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