For A Better Day

What should i write and share today. I just came back from my trip to villages. About 15 villages i visited this time. A long way and a tough road access. Met different people with totally different acceptance. Some with smile on their face some so serious and lucky there were nobody shut their door from us.

I was thinking deeply to myself these few days. I was thinking of quitting or to continue and keep fighting? Am i fighting for my own good or for my own future? My career path? I am not really sure. I told my friend that i want to do some reflections and "bertafakur" first before doing any actions and decision. So, i think these thoughts that lingers in my mind is only to test my decision making. What i really want in my life? Or what i want to do to with my life? Most of all what i want to give away to people around me? People in this world?

Am i prepared for a better day? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? Future? Till God take away my last breath..................??

It is all in His hands. He knows what best for Him from me and for Him alone....... Lent season so much trials and things happen to test our Faith in Him......


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