Once Upon A Time

I was trying to sort out some of my old photos from my laptop and i found this photo. Pheww... quite a moments with my buddies back in Bintulu in 2008. This will not happen again now since i am a good girl (but sometimes still looking for a good drinks..;-P) Tembirang jak tok, padahal agik juak ku minum bah cuma control beb.

JD is one of my friends fav drinks. He loves this and i bought (ehem...) this one especially for him (since he always ask one from me..mesti la maok ditunaikan kelak nya sik maok nolong ku agik). I can't remember much but i know that we have a great time, chit chatting and flash back all the memories that we spent together. I think, this is the last gathering we have together because after that i quit from working in Bintulu and also Mr. Tony. By Jan 2009 both of us were not there anymore.

Photos is a good way to let the memories remain because like me, my memory is not good. Short term memory bah...hehehe... So, pictures play an important role to help me recall back my memories.

Nice one. Till then. (^_^)


  1. Hahahahaha...JD murah sitok Pok....macam2 ada

  2. kegemaran si Bel bah tok Den..hahahah....

  3. hahaha..aku dah berhenti minum benda nie. taubat bha! hahaha


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