Enjoy my work... Feel the Nature

This is the river that we stop by during our trip. We manage to reach this river at lunch hour time. The purpose of our trip is not exactly about visiting this river but we want to spend our time with nature too. It makes me feel enjoy doing my work when sometimes we can have a chance to be close to nature. 

Ha ha ha... it's me, take the opportunity to take my own photo sit at the river banks. Just for memories ya..

Wash my face and feeling like to jump into the river. Swim and feel the refreshing water. I wish i have brought along my extra cloths. Yay!

This is one of our dish. He he he.. we mix everything inside.. Tasty though.. :-)

We were having fun eating our lunch even though the food is just a simple one. The environments around us that makes the food more tasty.. He he..

This is the view from our base camp. I took this at dusk just before dark on the last day before we return back to Sipitang. Quite interesting and fun trip. 


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