Munah is BACK!

Morning all... I forgot to tell you guys a good news. My next door little friend is back on track. She recover from her sickness so, now she came to visit me again. I am happy that she is well and i can play with her again.. Yay! Here is some of her photos during her visit to my house but none of it a good one because she keep on moving around till i have to hold her for a while, then i can snap her photo. Naughty Munah!

Moving so fast till i only get picture of her tail....
Until i have to use my feet to hold her. Even that also difficult.. tidak pandai duduk diam punya.
One of it that i get the whole body of her. She looks keep up with her body weight right?
P.s: Munah send her warmest regards to all of you and especially to Bobo, Suki and Rimo... Salam perkenalan dia bilang.. he he he..



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