ROAR For the Tigers

I have been joining YouthSays 12 months ago. Wow..a year ago but i did not active in this site. With all the campaigns and rewarded it's offers. I get so many emails and notifications from Yuna from YouthSays about all these campaigns. So, here i found one of the campaign that i feel like to support it though. It is about the cause that created by World Wildlife Fund - Malaysia. I think they have a few of programme like Tx2 (WWF's Tx2 campaign aims to put in place the necessary conditions to double the wild tiger population by the next Year of the Tiger in 2022) and a lot more on awareness of the current status of tigers in the world. 

So, YouthSays are promoting one of the initiatives called ROAR For the Tigers. This is a little bit info that they provide for this campaign. 

In the last 10 years we have lost almost half of all wild tigers. Tigers are in deep trouble and they need your help!
No petitions need to be signed, we just need your ROARING voice to spread awareness!
Just as tigers have their own unique roars, you can come up with a creative roar of your own. We are their only hope so let your ROAR be heard!
Just click on the link above and be part of this campaign. 

Little Rose


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