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Surprise when i saw somebody by name Emma Springfield left a comment in my blog 

The comment was:
I have been following your blog for a long time and I have watched you and your blog both go through many changes. Your pictures and descriptions are wonderful. The many things you have accomplished in nature astound me. And now this beautiful orchid... it is so delicate.
Your site is the Nature Site of the Week at Nature Center Magazine.
 I am HAPPY and GRATEFUL. Thank you to Ms. Emma and the team in Nature Center Magazine for choosing my blog to become a Nature Site of the Week. A rare opportunity but i am very glad that my work on nature is appreciated. Will share more of my nature walk stories with my readers after this. Love you guys... Thanks again.
Little Rose


  1. U see blog can make us famous damous!!! Good works...

  2. Bukan niat mok pames ya Dayung.... Mun dah kena baca orang okay la ya... mun kelaka kedirik pun okay juak sak dapat lepas gian mok nulis..... ha ha ha

  3. Heheheh....dolok nang sik terniat tapi mun orang dah baca automatic ko dah famous ba!! Trima aja ba dengan hati girang & tersenyum


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