Wow.. it has been a while i did not go for exercise. I mean really exercise. I was a (sportswoman) before... That was during secondary school. After that? No more... Just doing it for fun. To make me feel healthy.

I went for a jog today and it was already dark outside. Feel more comfortable jog in the dark? Not really. Why? Because i may step into the hole or step on a snake (if any). But the good things is that people can't recognize me. Yeah! I can wear what i want to wear so nobody will talk about it. I used to jog with short sports pants and a singlet because i can feel the breeze on my skin. But here? In this housing area? Nope, people will talk about it. Okay, ignore them then!

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I sweat a lot after two rounds. I feel great arrive home. I was listening to music while i am jog so i did not hear anything. That's another good one so no distractions. He he he...

I found some article saying about listening to music while doing sports. Here some of it.
- Music can distract attention from repetitive exercises so as to avoid feeling tired, fatigue and boredom
- Music can reduce the factors that contribute to pain, anxiety, tension and discomfort
- Music acts as a stimulant that can improve performance. This is due to respiration and heart rate increases that will impact the training portion
- Encouraging positive mood thus avoiding any kind of negative thinking
- Make exercise more fun and interesting
- Preferred type of music is also associated with physical strength, soothing music can reduce the ability of potential muscle exercises while fast music can increase muscle tension.
- Body movement of the rhythm of music can enhance the results obtained
- Rhythm of the music heard can improve physical and motor skills.
Credit to this site: info24u

But still i hope i can jog with a friend. Sometime, when i feel tired and less motivation to run especially when i want to start exercise again, i need a friend. To motivate me and spend at least half and hour running.

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Till then!! Happy exercising!

With Love,
Little Rose


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