Month of Rosary Giveaway

Silence from Blogging World these past few days because of travelling. Last Sunday was a Mission Sunday so the idea of this Giveaway come up to share something with my dear friends out there. Since this is the month of Rosary, the month we Catholic dedicated to our Mother Mary, i would like to give away my hand made rosary. Here are some of my hand made bracelet and rosary, the first three trial but will make another special one for this giveaway.
St. Theresa of Lisieux medal bracelet
(still keep this one coz this is the 1st one i made)
Mother Mary medal bracelet.
(gave this as a gift for my bestfriend)
Car Rosary with shining cross.
(specially made for my bestfriend birthday yesterday, 24th Oct 2011)
These is the SIMPLE STEP that you can do to join this ROSARY GIVEAWAY:
1) You MUST a Catholic
2) Leave a comment consist of your Name & Email add
3) Open to Malaysia Only (Sabah, Sarawak & Peninsular Malaysia) and ended on 1st November (sorry for limited time).
4) Share with me your favourite Prayer.
5) Feel free to repost this post, this is not compulsory it's up to you.
6) Winner will be picked randomly ( i don't know how to do it using number generator so i will do it manually, write your name on paper, put it in the box and draw your name...just like pick a lucky number..he he he...)

That is it. Thanks for participate in this Giveaway and i leave you guys with the Introduction Prayer of the Holy Rosary. God bless.
O Queen of the Holy Rosary, You graciously revealed the treasures of grace, hidden in the Rosary, to the three shepherd children of Fatima. Instil in our hearts a sincere and profound love for this powerful prayer. By meditating on the mysteries of our redemption recalled in the Rosary, may we be enriched with its fruits and obtain the conversation of sinners and peace in the world. If it is in accordance with the will of our Divine Son, grant us the favours we ask of you in this Rosary. Holy Mother of God, intercede for us that each of us praying the Rosary may live in accordance with the will of your Son and thus obtain the joys of eternal life. Amen. 
With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Happy Wednesday Rose! *and happy Deepavali! :-)*

  2. Wow you hand made those by your own?? I love the 1st one tu bracelet rosary cantik dia punya beads. I love all prayers. my fav "our father" and "diocese prayer" you know every sunday we recite tu. Till then blessed friday rose

  3. @CG--Lepas dah mok wish... so, Have a great weekend! God bless...

    @Rose Flower--Baru belajar bah ni... baru belajar bikin Rosari juga.. dah buat2 macam syiok ni... So, do you want one of those? Bah, ko slalu sembayang di Sacred Heart Cathederal KK ka? Sya macam selalu jg pi sembayang sana tu, mana tau nanti boleh berjumpa, i make one of those for you... (sbenarnya, sya suka kasi present org benda2 macam ni..he he he..).. So, have a great weekend. God bless.

  4. Hi Rose i always pigi Stella Maris church di tg. aru. memang sana lah sa punya tempat tu. Wow so nice of you rose to make one for me am honored to have it hehehehe....bah blessed weekend to you & family....


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