I've decided to be lesbian

Almost all of us have Facebook account and i have two accounts (there is a reason why i got two btw). The story begins when my friends start to post something weird in their status. I wonder why they post something like, I'm a stripper on the weekend and the other one Someone offered me a job as a prostitute but I'm hesitant. Of course, their status sounds more like jokes for me, even though i am not really sure what happen. So, i just give them a "like" and also some simple comments, "LOL". The next day, i received an inbox message from my friend.
Its a game and you have just become another target. Hehheh. You never should have commented or liked my status (or msged me regarding this) HAHAHA! You fell in a trap! The person likes or comments on my status should choose one of the following phrases and put it in their own fb status for atleast 24hrs. I dare you to do the same: 1. I hav been in 42 different relationship 2. I think i am in love with someone, what should i do! 3. Someone offered me a job as a prostitute but I m hesitant. 4. I've decided to stop wearing underwear. 5. I still love my ex. 6. I've decided to be gay/lesbian. 7. I am pregnant. 8. I want a baby. 9. A mouse just ran across my feet. 10. I'm adopting a monkey. 11. My husband/wife/lover found a new job, we are moving to china. 12. I've eloped 13. I'm getting married 14. I'm moving to another country 15. I am expecting 16. Ultrasound 17. I just bought a new dildo. 18. I just got a pet snake. 19. I am still in love with my ex. 20. I'm a stripper on the weekend. Note: remember you can only use one of these sentences. No explanations or comments. When someone comments or likes your status, send him/her this msg. You must do it and please, keep the secret. Go on, dare to take the challange?
Ahhh... i became one of the victim of this game. So, after some thoughts i decide to choose #6: I've decided to be gay/lesbian. I make my day a super chaos because most of my family and friends give comments, even some of them messages my other friends asking if i am alright! I didn't know it will became chaos in my wall. Two hours later i have to reveal that is only a game. *Sigh*... See what they say about it!

This is only part of it, there are some more comments. I think, they just care and concern about me. They really care on how i live my life since i am away from my family and only have few good friends around me. 

Well, i am still a practising Catholic and i am faithful to my church teachings. I will never do such thing even how desperate i am. I am the child of God. 

Little Rose 


  1. LOL... so no wonder lah. Syukur kau lurus oo... bila tek? hehe

  2. @CG: I am super straight bah walaupun ada bengkok2 sikit... LOL.. Bila? Pray for me that i will met someone this year. Ha Ha... Masih mencarik tok. Adoi dogo! :P


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