Another Hiking Trip to the Lost World of Sabah

Photo credit to Google Images (forgot the website, sorry for using this pic without prior permission)

In September last year, my friends and I make into realization my dream to conquer Maliau Basin Conservation Area forest trail. However, we were a bit disappointed because we didn't managed to complete the loop trail because the accommodation at Camel Trophy Camp is fully occupied. Even so, i notice that if we carry on with the original itinerary, we will suffer. Why? Because the mission unlikely to become realization. We were not fit enough and, even though some of us fit but as for myself, i am not fit to complete that 42km loop trail.

Early this year, we were talking about making a second attempt to complete the forest trail loop but this time we will only have about four of the original members. Thus, we have to find another new members to join us. By March, another member pulled out so we finally have only three original members and five new members. This time, looks like we were having a very competitive members because some of them are Mt Kinabalu mountain guide. Hmm... i have to train and get fit before our trip in September this year.

I am looking forward for this hiking trip. Can't wait to swim in the waterfalls and playing with the leeches... Ha Ha Ha...


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