Review on MAXGear M3 PLUS Heart Rate Smartband

Photo Credit to MaxGear Facebook page
It took me a while to finally decide to buy this smartband. When i went back home for Christmas, i saw my brother were using this type of heart rate monitor wristband. Asking my sister-in-law where she bought it for my brother and if it is safe to buy online. Then, she recommend me to check on a few websites such as LAZADA and 11th Street. So, i did search for it. I make and online search and found a few different brands on these two website. Lazada gave slightly higher price than 11th Street so finally i decide to place my order from 11th Street because it came with free shipping (Yippie!). At this stage, i didn't know that MaxGear have its own website and also Facebook page and the price there is a little bit cheaper.

Here is my review:

  1. It is easy to place my order and i don't have any problem making online payment as well. (5/5)
  2. The order only takes seven days to reach me and one week for me is an ideal time because i am from East Malaysia, Sarawak to be specific. Besides i place my order when everyone is still in holiday mood, its new year celebration. 28th Dec 2017 - 3rd January 2018, no problem. (5/5)
  3. Packaging is quite good since the item inside is in very good condition. I have all what was promised on the website. (5/5)
  4. Set up was easy and slight problem incurred maybe because i was using Huawei Nova Lite. I was afraid it is not compatible at first and this makes me miss my Samsung Note 3 though. The manual given is straight forward and just follow the steps given. Download the apps and sync with the smartphone with the band. All is good to go. (5/5)
  5. I already test a few features such as Steps, Distance, Calories, Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Detection, all is working well and recorded also in DayDay Band apps which i already install in my phone and sync. Other features i am not trying yet since i just use it today. (5/5)
  6. Battery life, i am not sure yet. I received it with empty battery and charged it until it shows full but about three hours, it lost one bar. So, i am not sure how long the batteries will last for one time charging. For this i will update later. (Update on 08/02/2018: The batteries life is only for 2 and a half days and it quite good though!
Photo Credit from MAXGear Facebook Page
Do i recommend it? If you are not looking for more exclusive and fancy gadget with a value of money, i do recommend this wristband. Its simple and easy to set up with good looking on my wrist. Ha ha ha.. Happy shopping!

Happy New Year 2018!


  1. When you mentioned there was a slight problem do you mind to explain that ? Because im also using nova lite

    1. Hello there,
      Apologize for my very late respond to your question. Actually, it was due to my network connection which is a but poor in my area. But when i already installed the apps DayDay Band, all is working well. No problem with the snyc because it works through Bluetooth connection. No problem. Hope this will help. Cheers!


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