I Made Crafts - Bamboo Box

While observing and assisting Malaysian Craft trainer teach all the craftswoman, i was trying to learn something. It was great when i have this opportunity because i never have a chance to learn any weaving skills from my mum. Even though this is not my own ethnic weaving patterns but no harm to learn from others right? This pattern that i am doing is they call "mata punai".

Mata punai is ready to be shaped as a box and the inside cover also ready. I measured it first before cut it into a shape that i want. 

 After cut it into a few pieces, i glued it and wait for it to dried. Then, i will glued the edge of it to make a box shape. 

This is how my box looks like after i glued each edge. But this is not done yet. Still in process so, i can't show the finish product here. 

To be continue...... :-)


  1. Kachak....mun kita2 dapad pegi Sipitang sama2 bulan 6 tok, dapad ku blajar dari ko...

  2. boleh boleh.tapi aku kena make sure ada bahan masa ya...hehehe....


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