Sharing Is Caring - Part 1

Wow... June 17 was my last update. Mmm... being busy and got so many events happen last week and this week. Trying to think of something that i can wrote here. So much things lingers in my head actually but still can't put it in a nice words to be shared here in my blog.

On the 12-14 June, our department organized Youth Development Programme (Camp) Series 4 at Muaya Waterfall. Then, on 22 - 24 June, i involved in Environmental Education Race 7 or known as EERace 7 for primary school teachers. On the next day on 25 - 27 June, i went for a ARMOUR UP Camp at Bundu Tuhan Retreat Center. All of these programmes actually touch my life in various ways that i can't really explain here.

I am touch spiritually, mentally and physically. I think i stop here first. Will add more sharing after this. What is actually my experienced from these 3 events that i join and participate. Till then.


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