Belated Valentine's Post

I was away to Kuching on 13th and only have internet access on the 13th itself. So, i can not update my blog on valentine's day the 14th.. But what so special to be shared on this day? Actually nothing much i want to share....

Same like last year, i did not celebrate it with my special one. Last year i am alone on the day and this year also the same. But, something more important and interesting is this year because i am spending my one day with my supervisor. Spending my valentine's day discussing about my assignment. With me having flu (running nose), headache, sore throat and really feeling not well. But what other option that i have because i need to maximise my time wisely with my supervisor.

It was a great discussion indeed. There is a point to go forward. Opss... i think this post is not so much story of Valentine's Day.. Ha ha ha.. Should i change the title of the post? Nope... because this is what actually happen on that day...

I am having a great breakfast with vegetarian porridge (even though i know that pork mince porridge is more delicious)... people say porridge is 'makanan orang sakit'... yep, it is because i am feeling better a little bit that day after having my porridge.. Yey!!

Hmmm... Okay la.. Enough with my mumbling all around... Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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