Saturday Morning

Feel very lazy to wake up because i suppose to be off today. But, because of the preparation for the workshop next week i have to change my off day to next Saturday. Hmmm... Another sacrifice for my work? I think so... If i did not do it, there will be only my workmate in the office today. Still quite a lot preparations to be done.

I need to get the certificate frames and souvenirs done by today. I will share the photos of this crafts for you guys to see when i get it. This old man is a craftsman. He is making top spin and i may say he is a famous top spin makers left in this districts and maybe for the whole Sabah. Once he was interviewed by RTM Malaysia and they have him on the shows. I can not remember what shows what that.

Later i will share a little bit about him. In my next post.

Until then, i want to wish all of you a blessed weekend!!

With Love,
Little Rose


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