Good Friday Mass

As i entered the church today, there were a lots of people. The church seats were full until outside of the church. Come silly questions in my head. Where is these people every Sunday or during Holy Hour on Wednesday? Where are they hiding? Are these people coming to church only when there is a big occasions happen in the church?

Then i realize, i did skip my Sunday Mass sometime. The most common reason is "WORKING". Since today is Public Holiday in Sabah and Sarawak, i think that is why a lots of people can attend this Good Friday celebration in the church today. Praise be to God because there is still a lot of people following you Jesus.

My experienced today is very.... how to describe it? I can not described it by words because quite a lots of things lingering in my mind. When we were about to kiss the CROSS, i was cry for Him. I was cry for His help. He was died for me and i am crying for His help. I am not sure what is this all about. I don't know what is actually i am facing right now. Admitting i am a sinner and cry out for His mercy.

As i type this post, i can feel heavy burden on my shoulder. Jesus, make me understand.

Have a blessed Easter everyone. May His blessings be with each and everyone of you.

With Love,
Little Rose


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