I will be away for four days....

Beautiful river of Long Pasia
I will be away visiting three different villages at Ulu Padas from today until Thursday. If our work finish early then we can leave on Wednesday. I am not so excited with this trip but always hoping things will work well. This will be my first visit staying overnight at Long Pasia and maybe we will also have to stay at Long Mio and  Meligan. I am not so happy to stay in the village because i always faced the situation where i need to pretend that i am married. Huh! Not only that, i dislike when i need to be a pretender/ hypocrite a little bit when i am with these people. If i am too good with them, they may like me more and they wish that i can be part of their family (you know what i mean right?)... But if i am not good with them (jual mahal la ni...), something not good will happen. So, i need to be so-and-so with these people. 

Nevermind, let things happen the way it supposed to be. I believe that Jesus will walk with me. As i know i am not walking alone, i have faith in Him, everything will be fine. Thanks again to you my dear Jesus. 

Have a wonderful day everyone! God bless.

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. What a beautiful river. It looks like a charming place. Why do you have to pretend that you're married? I know I would not like that either.


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