Visit to Holy Family Residence, Purak, Papar

Yesterday was a great day. Even though all the way to get there, it was raining started from Beaufort until Bongawan and then when we return it was also raining all the way, but we have a great time with the old folks at Holy Family Residence.

It was planned quite a while ago and promoted through Facebook and in our church. Honestly, it was not well planned but the results was so great. It was about 30 of us with combination of youth group, legion of Mary and Christian Family group. We have Fr. Gilbert and Sister Melisa as our spiritual director to lead us. We leaving Sipitang at 1330 hours and arrived Purak at 1530 hrs. It was a little bit late from the actual planning and they are all waiting for us. Anyway, i will not shared most on the programme that we have with them but i will share what touch my heart and what i experienced when i am with them. I have a few photos captured during this visits but will not shared it here for now. Maybe sometime in future will do.

There were about 32 of them but one of them admitted hospital. So, only 31 were available during our visit. They are combination of Dusun, Kadazan and Chinese (as far as i know from my conversation with them). While talking to them and serve their food, i am so touched because they make me remember my old parents at home. Quite a few times my tears wanted to burst out but i tried to control my emotion because i don't want to cry in front of them. I love seeing SMILE in their face and it makes me feel happy for them too. But somehow, i can see sadness in their eyes too. Maybe when they saw us (youth) singing and dancing while we perform in front of them, that remind them of their children and grandchildren. How they wish their family were there with them or they are with their family.

There was one lady, very enthusiastic and i may say she was full of joy because she keep saying "I am so happy seeing Father again, celebrating Mass and with you guys are so great!..".. Seeing her talking to me like that and how she really appreciate our visit, which i thought, we did not do anything extraordinary, we only visit them and talk to them and celebrate Mass with them, but yet she was so happy.

Before leaving, i went to their bedroom. Just to wish them good night and telling them that we are leaving. There were tears in their eyes and at the beginning i can control my tears but at the end my tears were dripping. There was one lady, hold me so tight and seems that she don't want to let me go. She hold so much  misery in her heart. While i am holding her, i can feel she is suffering from something. That really makes me feel bad for her. Only my prayer will be with her. Her eyes, her face... there were no joy at all. I hope she will get to know Jesus while she staying there. To let Jesus take away all the pain that she hold in her heart. (While i am writing about her now, her face still lingering in my mind)...

So, that is a little bit of my experienced that i can shared here. I am happy to have this opportunity and feel blessed because i  have this sensitive feeling and compassion for others. I thanks Jesus for this beautiful gift. Thank you Jesus.

With Love,
Little Rose


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