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Dilemma Again...!

I am in this position again whether to choose right or left. Whether it is good for me, for others around me or the other way round. Making decision is always tough because there is always a sacrifice to make. Will it be good for the future or just for the present time? Will it give impacts to the people i love, will it give impacts to the people i am with now or future? What about the relationships with the people where i am now and what about the future? Will this be a long term or only a short term? But one thing i know is that, FUTURE is UNKNOWN and it is a risks to take. Future at the current place or at the other place is both unknown. Only God knows my future, because He is the writer of my life story. Whatever decision i will make, i know for sure, God is always with me... If i make a wrong decisions not according to His plan, or i make the right decision and follow His plan, i know i am Blessed in all ways. Thank you Lord for the gift of FAITH. 

--- Walking with Faith, Little …