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I Made Crafts - Bamboo Box

While observing and assisting Malaysian Craft trainer teach all the craftswoman, i was trying to learn something. It was great when i have this opportunity because i never have a chance to learn any weaving skills from my mum. Even though this is not my own ethnic weaving patterns but no harm to learn from others right? This pattern that i am doing is they call "mata punai".

I am BACK.... Alive!

Almost four days in the village with all the craftswoman. The rocky stream in the above photo is located at the village that i visit. I can't count how many times already i went to this village.

Handicraft Training

You will not be able see my blog updates for about four days. Bear in mind that it is not because i am lazy or what but i am away for four days. Huhuhu... I will be missing my laptop and my blogging world. addicted to blogging (hmm..what can i do when i just love to write).

Once Upon A Time

I was trying to sort out some of my old photos from my laptop and i found this photo. Pheww... quite a moments with my buddies back in Bintulu in 2008. This will not happen again now since i am a good girl (but sometimes still looking for a good drinks..;-P) Tembirang jak tok, padahal agik juak ku minum bah cuma control beb.


It take me more than one day to think, what is the best title for this youth group blog/site. Still wondering what is the best. Sounds more catchy and it shows more like them.

Create New Site/Blog for Youth Group

Tired of looking for a good templates for my new blog makes me want to write something here in my blog. I tried a few templates but still not satisfied me. This new blog will be an official site for youth programme that i am monitoring now. At first i told my bos that i already create group in FB for them but then she ask me, "Did you manage to create the website for youth?".. Errkk.... i haven't done any yet but i told her, i did. Yay! Just simply said. Now i am trying to figure out the best templates that can represent this youth group.

Birthday Akak Aku - NOR

Ari tok ku maok kelaka Melayu Sarawak. Malas plak ku maok susah2 pikir bila nulis dalam English. Payah ku maok peras otak mikir ayat yang sesuai. Maklumlah English ku tok grammatical error sia sitok jak. Tapi ngegeh juak maok nulis lam Bhs Org Putih. Maok improve la konon tapi agik terkapai2 juak tok.

Long Distance Relationship

On April 16, my friend Den post an entry about Long Distance Relationship in her blog. Then, when i open my Facebook, my friend Lala also post something about long distance relationship in her FB status. Then, this really reminds me of my own relationship.

My Foot Treatment

I did mentioned earlier that i have problem with my foot. So, on Saturday i went to Cosway and bought ALZARA (from the dead sea), natural dead sea beauty salts. I am not sure if this will works but when i soak my foot in warm water with this salt, i feel a bit relief.


When i recall back my life way back when i am still a student. It reminds me of my weaknesses especially "confidence" level. Maybe it was because my self-esteem is very low and i feel i am not good enough. I appointed as a Prefect at the end of Form 2 at my school and i was so surprise. At first i was so excited but then, i am terrified. I am aware that i have responsibility to take now. At some times i need to stand in front of the students to become an emcee or other things that will test my public speaking skills. For sure i need to have self-confidence. But, i don't have that, maybe a little bit but the negative side was so powerful that time. My mind was set that i "CAN"T" do it. That is my biggest enemy, my own mind set.

Keep Strong

So much things happen today. So much things have to be done. What happen to me today? At the beginning of the day i was so motivated but i have problem with my feet and palms, so itchy (not sure maybe some kind of skin disease). I have to put calamine lotion on my feet and my palm. So, for half and hour i can't do anything. After washed my hands, only then i can continue my work.

I think i did talk about helping people etc. yesterday and the things continue again today. I don't mind helping people but when you want to help them sincerely but they think that we have hidden agenda. That is really..... (what words can i describe that huh?!). Nevermind, let it be.

Not feeling well now. Headache. Need to rest first. Till then.

Two things happen at the same time - What Should I Do?

So tired today. It was not just about work but because of other activities that i do after work. I am not sure what happen but started from last week, i keep on involve in two activities at the same time. I can't say NO to both because it was so difficult to make a good decisions for both.

My first case i already wrote it in my post Meeting & Birthday.


People.... Skin colours..... Language....... Tradition...... Lifestyle..... Different.....

Long Journey Long Day

Today was a long and rough day a little bit. As usual working with community will always makes me headache because there is always problems (*shh* i am drinking wine while i am writing this). However, today after two hours drive we reach the village. Actually we are sending two women that we bring for a exposure visit to KL.

Boring & Rafting

When it is boring then it is boring. Arghh... i am bored here. Don't know what to do when there are so much things to be done. Which one should i do first? Aiyah.... Usually when times like this happen what i do is watching movie. Why? Because my mind can't think. There are no idea pomp out from my head.

Hmmphh... Life is Great! And i should enjoy it. I think so. Owh ya, these few days my friend told me that they were arranging Water Rafting tis coming May. I really want to go because that is one of my dream since i study at UMS. A must do while i am nearer to the Padas River. I will try my best to make it this coming May. Pals, if i manage to join this trip then i will took loads of photos and show it here. :-)

Tatal Retreat Centre, Keningau

This was my trip back in February to Keningau. We went for a Persiapan Rohani KBK 3. So these are some pictures that i took during this trip. It was my first time there and i really like this retreat centre.

The entrance to the main building. I think this is the main building but am not sure too. This is actually at the hostel and at 3rd floor they have something like conference hall.

Meeting & Birthday

I got two invitations today. I was invited by my friend to attend the meeting on church events at his house. I received his SMS at about 2.37pm today. I didn't replied him because i was thinking if something came up then i can't go. At about 4 pm i was a little bit hungry because i was skip my lunch. So, i've decided to go to canteen and having my "Lunner" (Lunch + Dinner = Lunner)...

So, i met up my buddy at the canteen and she told me that today is her mother's birthday. It was on Saturday that her mother cooked ikan masak lemak, fried chicken wing and ulam sambal belacan. It was remind me about my own mother who was very far away from me now. It has been 2 months after i last met my mum. So, this have some sentimental things to my heart/feeling.

Gathering My Friend's Blogs

Okay, i have a mission for this blog. I want to gather all my dearest friends blog here in this blog. I did hope that i will connected with their stories and routine if they share a story about their current life. Their interests and so on. I like to read them because it will make me keep in touch with them wherever their are. Even if we are separated by the sea, boundaries but with internet and technology there is no boundaries.. :-)

So far i have four of my friend's blog and i put them in MY BUDDY WRITINGS. Here they are:
Anything But Me by Frouline GolbalizeD DayunG by Dency Bibab's 4eva by BibabDABAI'S RAMBLINGS by Apai & Bibab

Silence Mode

Almost two weeks i am in a silent mode. Didn't write anything here. Feel a little bit guilty because i said this is my daily journal but i keep on break my own promise. Since early April i didn't write anything. Everybody else also busy with loads of works and daily things to be settled and so do i. 
Okay, actually yesterday i spend most of my time doing laundry and clean my house after two weeks hectic time in the office. At first i thought of updating my blog while waiting for my laundry to dry off, but then i decide to visit my friend's house and watch some movies. What did we watch? Here is the movies marathon for yesterday. We complete three movies in a row. Started from 2pm until 6.30pm. Quite a records so far. Hehehe....