Meeting & Birthday

I got two invitations today. I was invited by my friend to attend the meeting on church events at his house. I received his SMS at about 2.37pm today. I didn't replied him because i was thinking if something came up then i can't go. At about 4 pm i was a little bit hungry because i was skip my lunch. So, i've decided to go to canteen and having my "Lunner" (Lunch + Dinner = Lunner)...

So, i met up my buddy at the canteen and she told me that today is her mother's birthday. It was on Saturday that her mother cooked ikan masak lemak, fried chicken wing and ulam sambal belacan. It was remind me about my own mother who was very far away from me now. It has been 2 months after i last met my mum. So, this have some sentimental things to my heart/feeling.

Quite a dilemma for a while because it was at the same time. Both happen at half past 7pm. So, i decide to help my friends to surprise her mother first then i will go for the meeting.

I am happy to saw my friend's mum was so happy and i feel great too. I never once celebrate my mum's birthday. That i why i feel i need to do this for my friend's mum. Later at about 9pm, my friend (this is my other friend) and i went to the meeting. They are still at about 30 minutes to end the meeting. I am happy i still can involved a little bit with the discussion. Even though i can't do much but i hope my presence means something. I will help wherever i can help them to make things happen.

Okay, that is all for the day! Oh ya, i made mangga sambal belacan for my friend's mum. She loves it even it was sooo pedas... nyum nyum... (^_^)


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