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Lost Inside

Where am i?  What am i doing here? What brings me here? I am LOST Lost in this small space Lost my directions Lost my inner self Lost inside
Should i give up? Do nothing about it Should i return to where i am from? Should i just follow the flow?

My heart is aching My brain is suffering My body is weaken
I need wine, NO I need beer, NO I need music, NO I need friend, MAYBE I need family, MAYBE
What i need the most? I need YOU LORD, Yes i need YOU Your strength to strengthen me Your love to forgive others Your wisdom to be wise Your meekness to be humble Guide me dear LORD Show me Your way God bless.....
----- With Heart Full of Worries, Little Rose

Chocolate & Sunglass

I feel like i am a super bitch and bad ass at work last week. I already promise to myself that i won't share anything that sounds so negative in my FB profile. Somehow, the stress take over, the anger take over until i also confused on my own actions and words that came out from my mouth. 
Mostly it was feel like this and my relationship with my co-worker is very bad at the moment too. 
I just can't cooperate with people with an attitude "Berlagak BOSS". I am not here to be praised, to become everyone's sweetheart, to become your most favourite. I am here to deliver my job, to ensure every task done accordingly and there is no oppression (unjust treatment) to other staff especially lower staff. I don't care what you think of me, maybe you will say i am "satan mistress", "monster", whatever nicknames you gave me, i don't give it a damn! I am just who i am. — feeling super ridiculous.
Somehow, i have to get rid of this negative forces. I…

Mount Kinabalu Tragedy 2014

When i am up on the summit last year, i was struggling to get my best shot on the Low's Peak along with the signboard to mark that i was there, up on the top of Mount Kinabalu. There are more than 100 climbers climb everyday so you can imagine how crowded it is on the top by the time of 6 - 7 am. The space is also very limited and on the other side is the Low's Gully. The view is amazing and breathtaking but at the same time, it is very dangerous steep rocky down to the gully.

I saw a very saddening news today in one of the group in FB, Beautiful Mount Kinabalu. Through the update in that group i get to know one German lady fall down to the gully early today. There is no recent news in any newspaper that i found but i get also updates from he Mount Kinabalu page. Here is the 1st and 2nd updates.
Update at 10am this morning: A 22 year old German woman, fell into Low's Gully from Low's Peak summit early this morning at Mount Kinabalu. Witnesses claimed that the lady went …

Anger II

It feels like to kill someone (it's the worst!) with a very sharp blade and make that person struggle to death. Or punch straight on their face and makes their eyes swollen like a ball. Or kill them slowly with poison so i can watch them died in a very suffering way. Mock them as if they are the most unwanted person in this world.

Well, that's came in my thoughts when i get annoyed or angry or pissed off by someone whether it is at home, at work or on the road. I am no saint, i am an ordinary person with the most terrible emotions at time. 
Be patience, let God do His work.
I always hear this from a friend. Time will tell, God will show you who is right, who is wrong. But, my question is, WHEN? I have no patience when anger controlled me. However, i thank God for keep people with faith by my side. So, i will never doing something stupid that show how stupid i am by acting like a crazy woman. 
My advice, control your anger. Keep your faith stronger with God by surrounds yoursel…

#3 ~ Office Workout

Feeling sleepy at work or tired of sitting on your office chair the whole day? Why not just take a few minutes to do this simple workout. Maybe this will help to get back our momentum at work. Well, as for me, i need this because i easily feel sleepy if i sit for too long. Actually i get this from my friend's post in FB. Then, i visit the webpage of Neila Rey and i found more workouts. Here is the office workout steps that you may want to try out!

All the Best!
--- Workout Addict, Little Rose

#2 ~ Flat Stomach Workout

I think i already doing well with my 1st Workout but still no obvious results on what i accomplish yet (berketul2 la ni muscle kaki). Somehow it did makes me sweat out toxic form my body and i satisfied with that.

Therefore, for my next step i want to do this workout to flat my stomach. Ha ha ha... I will workout on doing more exercise to shape out my body because it makes me more comfortable at work and trekking will be much easier when i am fit. Here is the steps to do flat stomach workout that i found Online.

If you think you also wants to try out this workout, please do and share with me what do you feel and is there any improvements with your stomach. Well, just an advice workout alone will not give a good results, so please check out your diet as well. :)
--- Determined,  Little Rose

New Year Resolutions #1 - Red Riding Hood

First of all, it's not too late to wish my fellow family and friends... GONG XI FA CAI!!!! XIN NIAN KUAI LE!!!! May the year of Horse brings more good health, wealth and happiness in your life! Blessings from above!
My #1 resolution in my list achieved. I pick up my Red Riding Hood on 30th Jan 2014 and with a very good register number. I am proud of myself. With help and support from family and friends, i make up my mind. Wise decision? Yes i think i am. 
The Red Riding Hood is at his service and we are ready to ride to the bush! Ha ha ha ha.. 
--- Red Riding Hood, Little Rose