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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I was having an appointment at Tandek Clinic here in Kota Marudu yesterday at 2.15pm. To be honest this is my first time and i am super scared. I take leave just to get ready for this dentist appointment. I was told that i will have a Minor Oral surgery for this teeth because it is stunted and only 1/4 of the teeth came out. So the dentist have to do minor surgery to get rid of this teeth.

However, things change because of the kind and lovely Dentist at this clinic. Before the surgery she told me risks after surgery and a few advice after surgery. She is very kind and she handle me gently. It only takes 15 minutes and i didn't feel the pain. Maybe it is also because of the anesthesia she gave me around the area of the teeth to be extracted. This experience makes me no longer afraid of dentist. Lucky that it was her that conduct this minor surgery to me. And some more, she is actually a friend of a few of my college friends. Small world indeed.

Here is the unlucky wisdom teeth that…

RoseRagai Rosario Project 2012

Do what you love. So, i did this because i love making Rosaries. Here is my collection and most of it already have its owner. May all of them be blessed and they use this Rosary to pray to Mother Mary our mother.

I made some more and actually there are two more rosaries in need to make. My friend asked me to make for them. I also teach  my friends that interested to make on their own. Am i happy? Yes of course. This is what i did when i am at home, when nothing else i can do.

Little Rose 

Maxis Broadband

Silence from blogging world is actually makes me missing my blog very much. After moving to my new work place, i did not have internet connection at home. I only have a chance to go online in the office and i am not really comfortable to blog in the office. Besides i have problem to load blogger using office internet connection. This town have a little bit problem with TM especially Streamyx. After a few months, i decide to buy Maxis Broadband.

It works best at my house because Maxis tower is just next to my house. But, i have problem with my lap top. Seems to be my lap top can not support this broadband software. After i shut down my lap top, it can not on until i have to repair and uninstall Maxis software. This is the 3rd attempt and i hope after i shut down today, my lap top will be able to switch on. *finger cross*