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Too Much

I am doing too many things within these past two weeks and plus some more this one week. Can i handle this week? Can i handle one more week? No rest over two weekends already and continue to this weekend with this coming GATA? I am tired. My body already told me, give me some rest pleaseeee... Stop before i drop...

Aina... sandi juga sya ni. Buli-buli juga tu badan sya cakap sama sya sendiri. Nah kau keluar suda bahasa Sabah sya ni. Paduli la. Panat suda otak sya mau pikir ni Malnglish sya yang nda berapa batul grammar ni. Biar saja la sya bercakap Melayu ni kali.

Besuk lagi satu hari program sama ni cikgu-cikgu. Syiok juga ni EE program tapi selalu kalau nda beranti bejalan ni pandai juga badan kepenatan bah. Nda larat suda gia badan sya ni. Long journey lagi ni besuk mau balik ke Sipitang. Adeeeei... Bah, bagus sya tidur dulu. Nanti karang ada masa sya sambung lagi bercerita. Teda idea bah sya kebelakangan ni. Tu la badan kalau suda penat, otak pun penat juga. Nda alah suda mau bepi…

I am Happy or Not?

I am happy for a moment. But now i am not. I feel tired and sick. Seeing message from a friend in FB makes me don't want to go to work tomorrow. I need to see a doctor. I think i am becoming sick and sicker. Huhhuhuhu.... Maybe i am trying to be so normal today and trying so hard to look healthier. Trying to hide that i feel sick. Taking paracetamol just to kill the pain. Huh... what am i mumbling here? I am fine. Just fine.

Good night everyone. God bless.

I am Demotivated Again......

A Conservationist is always a Conservationist.........

Not Feeling Well

I am not feeling well these few days. My body is tired and feel uneasy on my back and behind my neck. I think this cause of stress or depression. Is it? Mmmmm.. I am not sure though. Am i thinking too much? Maybe. My tasks at work is not really doing fine. Some of my project stranded somewhere. Stuck and blank. To do some more action, its the end of the financial year, annual report etc etc.... What to report if projects not working well..? Yah, all sort of things come up in my mind.

The rural women handicraft group also start to make some fuss. After almost three years journeying together with them, educate them, expose them on entrepreneurship, accounting etc etc... but then... It's all very disappointing. All sort of thinking come back to my mind. Why am i doing this job? I am tired....

Birthday ~~ 20.06.2011

I turn 30 this year. I am not that excited with my birthday, it is just a normal birthday because i never really celebrate my birthday. In my whole life, i only really celebrate my birthday one or two times only. Why? Not need for me to elaborate it further here, i have some reason for it and let it be a secret for myself.

So, i am not expecting a surprise birthday party from my friends or a surprise visit by my boyfriend and etc..etc.. I only expected a surprise call in the midnight as usual (as what they did every year) by my sisters and bestfriends (quite a few of them from Miri, KL, Bintulu) but none of them call me. Hmmmm... i am quite dissapointed and i thought they already forgot about my birthday. The most meaningful birthday gift for me is only a one minute call wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Why? Because i can hear their voices which i miss the most.. I get to know from their voice too that they are doing fine over there. Even they are not in front of me. It is not that they ca…


This word come up after reading some comments in our FB group. To elaborate more? Nope... I will not elaborate much because everyone must be aware to succeed this 'word' is very important. Just to share a few pictures and you guys interprete it yourself. Working as a team makes work easier and working environment will be more peaceful. There is no right or wrong in ideas but need to polish some of it and add in some experience into it, results  will be great. Accept each other and fill in the blanks... He he... Just a mumblings here...

   With Love, Little Rose

Lunar Eclipse Wednesday

Did you manage to see it last night? Me? Nope. Why? Because i did not know about this phenomenon to be happen. Quite dissapointed of myself because i really not aware of it. If not, maybe i have a chance to have a glimpse of it. Anyway, i read a news in Nat Geo Online about this eclipse and quite an interesting. Please visit the web if you wanna know more too: "Rare" Lunar Eclipse Wednesday.
To quote from the news,
"The last eclipse that was as long as this one was in 2000, while the next won't be until 2018, so this makes it a somewhat rare event."So it means, i have to wait another seven years to witness this phenomenon again. Share your experience if you did watch it last night. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


It is when someone leaving and go on with her/his journey of life, we say farewell. Start from 2009 up to now i have attended so many farewell parties for my colleagues. Like it or not, i have to let go some of great friends to move on with their new carrier and new life. This is the road of our lives. I don't really like it but have to accept this reality of life.

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall softly on your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.  ~~Irish Blessings~~
With Love,
Little Rose


I am only an ordinary human being. I am not a bionic woman. When a lot tasks need to be done, i need a helping hands. I need someone with sincere heart to lend me their energy and time. I am grateful to God because there were some beautiful creature of God willing to help me sincerely. I am thankful to God and hope His blessings will richly shower them and may all the good things be upon them. I can not gave them any rewards, only my prayer that they will be rewarded by God for their kindness.

Somehow, i am sorry for those that i asks for help without knowing that they do it just the matter of thinking of reward. I am sorry because i have nothing to gave you as a reward. I am working with community, with people, i am doing this for people that need us... So, i hope we can do something together for them without thinking what is our reward. It is only up to God. God sent His son to save us and His sacrifice.... we have nothing to reward the sacrifice that He has done.

Thank you Lord for…


Recently i feel alone and lonely. I have made quite a numbers of good friends at my work place. I get to know some of them very well and actually they were always be there for me. When i am in need of friends to comfort me or when there were something good happens and we celebrate it together. But somehow, there is always a time, when i am alone at home and only my cat, Joy accompany me, i feel really alone and lonely.

When in situation like this, i need friends. I can not entertain this loneliness feeling because, if i do so, the bad thoughts will visits my mind. I start to think all the good memories that i had in the past, especially at my previous work place. I will start to regret of my decision to quit from there and choose my current job. So many regrets and negative thoughts come by. I need a friend... This is the time when i think of my bestfriend, Jesus. I am glad He always be by my side and never leave me alone. All and all i still have Him being my greatest friend.

Even so…

St. Marcelino Pan y Vino

My friend Liza lend me this movie last night. She mentioned about this movie quite a few times and glad that i get tow atch it myself. It was a touching story of a little boy and i am amazed by his affections towards crucified Christ on the cross. He know who is that on the cross and she did not afraid to approach Him. Here is a little description about this life story of St. Marcelino.

This is the story of a 5-year-old boy who was abandoned by his mother in front of a Franciscan Monastery when he was a baby. He has grown up to be a very curious, bright and naughty boy with the deep affection and care of the friars of the monastery. Marcelino’s keen curiosity leads him into various adventures and fun events.Marcelino, who is gifted with a special ability to talk with animals, lives happily and energetically with the friars in the monastery surrounded by funny friends including Candela, Dr. Mateo and many animals amidst glorious nature such as forests and beautiful rivers. However, he …

Beautiful Friday Morning

Wow... It's Friday again and it is the first week of June. Time flies so fast. I feel great this morning. Why? Because i only have three days of working days this week. Yes... (",)

The sun shines brightly outside and i am sure today will be a great day.

Have a productive and blessed day everyone!!!

With Love,
Little Rose


When there is nothing in mind....... Nothing i can write but i miss blogging... BUT.... I just have nothing in my mind yet. Up to now... I just blank.....

Road Of Our Lives

Singer: Nievera Martin

We are traveling the road of our lives
Finding our way with the will to SURVIVE
Dealing with the lows and the highs
Day by day

On OUR JOURNEY we will do the best we can
If we stumble and fall and we STRUGGLE to stand
Lift us up with your helping hand
We'll be on our way

Whatever you do, I'll walk with you
Hoping that your every dream will come true
Anytime anywhere, I'll always be there
Wishing you LOVE AND HAPPINESS because I care

When it's shining bright I'll be by your side
And in the darkness of night, I'll be there to GUIDE
Holdin' on to each other tight
Come what may

As we travel down the road of our lives
Making our way with a dream and the drive
Trading the lows for the highs
Day by day

"A meaningful lyrics for a moments like this.... Thank You Lord for always holdin' on me tight and become my GUIDE..."

With Love,
Little Rose

Only Now I Realize......

Only now i realize i have break so many hearts of my loved ones. I even break my own heart each day. I even break my dear God heart more.

It is good to know it now rather than when it is too late. But where do i start from here? I feel bad for all the bad words that come out from my mouth, the bad actions that i shows.

God, i am sorry that i hurt you much. I am sorry that i did not share your love with others. I am sorry that i am not a good child.

Why do i feel so sorry for myself now? ...