Not Feeling Well

I am not feeling well these few days. My body is tired and feel uneasy on my back and behind my neck. I think this cause of stress or depression. Is it? Mmmmm.. I am not sure though. Am i thinking too much? Maybe. My tasks at work is not really doing fine. Some of my project stranded somewhere. Stuck and blank. To do some more action, its the end of the financial year, annual report etc etc.... What to report if projects not working well..? Yah, all sort of things come up in my mind.

The rural women handicraft group also start to make some fuss. After almost three years journeying together with them, educate them, expose them on entrepreneurship, accounting etc etc... but then... It's all very disappointing. All sort of thinking come back to my mind. Why am i doing this job? I am tired....    


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