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Silence is Golden but Not this Blog

Trying to be consistent posting entries in this blog but i end up being silence. It is not that i am not miss my blogging world but i was too occupied doing other things. I realize too that when Facebook is easier to update, i end up rants my mind there.I will still try to post something in my blog too just to keep it alive. Not a haunted blog. Just a quick update on what is going on in my life, seven months 16 days has passed.1) Camp out in the jungle twice while carried out my fieldwork and i am having fun playing with the leeches.. Haha.. Not that fun though!
2) I ran three full marathons which i really didn't plan but it happens anyway. Still proud of myself.
3) My father very ill in April so i cancel my Mt Rinjani summit attack trip in June. So, i didn't make it to Rinjani this year. I am sad but no regrets.
4) My hikings very limited because i keep going back and forth every free weekend to visit my father at home. It took 10 hours drive, one way. So, not many hikings f…