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When I surrounded by GREAT PEOPLE

When are the best moments in your life? Well, I think the best moments are when you are loved by special people in your life such as your parents, siblings, spouse, relatives, friends and maybe your workmates. Or, when you success in what you are doing such as your study, sports, complete assignments given to you and so on. Or when you having joyful times with your mates etc etc. Lots more to mention, whatever it is, you sure know what your best moments is.

Well, something that I want to share here is, the special moments when I am surrounded by great people. Who are these people? I have lots to mention in here because I am grateful to God that He gave me so much blessings since I am born by giving me a chance to meet great people. In these 32 years, God made my life colourful like a rainbow (maybe more colourful than a rainbow with all the other colours…ha ha ha). Why? Because I frequently meet new people, from strangers to best buddies or enemies (don’t you think that your enemy is…

Owh! I miss My Mum & Dad~~~

I miss my parents!!!! Whoaaaa..... I wish i can go back and see them once a month but i can't do that because i am far far away from home (well, its just i am on the other part of Borneo Island). Seeing them during my leave early August is a blessings too because i manage to take photo with both of them. Why? Because it is very difficult for me to get my mum and dad sit side by side like this. Never ever i get a chance to take a proper photos like this with both of them Usually i only can get a photo, maybe my dad with no shirts on and my mum with her singlet and "kain batik". But this is the best photo of me with them properly dressed. Wohhhooooo!!! I am super HAPPY!
Well, that's all for now! Till my next update. I am lazy to write these past few months and i always looking for excuses for not write (^___^). LAZY to think and LAZY to write.  He He He... 
A little bit Lazy! Little Rose