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True Confession #3 - I Have a Snake Phobia or Ophidiophobia

A phobia is the intense fear of something or some situation. Many phobias leave those who suffer with the inability to interact on a day to day basis in regular life situations. Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes or snake phobia is not one of those fears. But, the fact that the person who suffers from a snake phobia is not placed into the fearful situation on a daily basis, does not take away from the very real fear caused by the thought or sight of snakes. Read more at 10 Most Common Phobias.

Can i define my phobia as Snake Phobia after reading this definition? Maybe half of it is true because i have seen other people that react worst than me if they encounter with snake. Even if it is only a photo of snake. They can throw away whatever they hold in hands and screaming as if it is real. Me? Is not something like that. I just afraid/scared of snakes because they are venomous. But yet, i still have this creepy feeling when i think of snakes.
I used to be one of field biologist before. I…

Sunday With Jesus

Hope all of you have a blessed Sunday!
God bless us all....

With Love,
Little Rose

Food Hunting at Kuching

My trip to Kuching was really great because i have a chance to eat some food that i will not get it here in Sabah. Anyway, here is some of the food that i really want to eat. After my arrival at Kuching on Sunday, 13th Feb, i ask my friend to bring me to the famous "Siang Siang" because i really want to eat Mee Kolok Sarawak/Kuching. Even though my stomach still feel not easy, i want to eat mee kolok soup. I get what i want when we reach Siang Siang at BDC. Full of people and it is Sunday morning yah...

What else i get when i was in Kuching? Here it is....

That is my story of hunting for food. Will be visit Kuching again in few months time and for sure i will looking for Kampua Mee this time. Miss eating Sibu Kampua mee... Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose

You Are LOVED...

Hope this will make your day because it did make my day! Have a blessed day and Good Morning to all creatures on this earth... God bless and let there be PEACE & LOVE showers on us all....
With Love, Little Rose

True Confession #2 - What i Think of Myself Right Now?

Demotivated of my work because my project is nowhere to go. I can not see the light at the end of the tunnel right now. Can i just tell my bos that i can not make it already? Can i just tell her that i am enough of all this? It has been two years of my struggling to understand my work scope but yet i am still so lembap to understand it all. Can i just tell her that i QUIT... Will i become a loser... not a fighter? Of what i always think of myself before? Is this happen because i am so stress or it is because i am too emotional? #$%^&*#$%^&*  Feeling sick, unhealthy with my environment at home and at work. So many cat's fur in the house and so many dust at work esp at the construction site outside my office. Very unhealthy environment. Need to get my cat injection before the condition of it's hair fall worsen and my healthy also become worse. The source of negative thinking is too much until i can not see things in positive way..always negative first then go the positiv…

Sipitang Esplanade

Duduk minum air kepala. Lalu sorang lelaki bertubuh besar. Terus rancangan 'Asian Biggest Loser' pop-up dalam mindaku. Tersenyum sendiri dan berbisik kepada rakan di sebelah ku,

"Kau rasa, dia ni ada peluang tak masuk rancangan Asian Biggest Loser?".

Rakan ku hanya mampu tertawa. Aku meneruskan,

"Andaikata aku menegur lelaki tersebut dan menyatakan, Encik, encik tak nak cuba memohon untuk menyertai rancangan Asian Biggest Loser ke? Adakah lelaki itu akan menampar aku?".

Kawan ku sekali lagi mentertawakanku. Hmmm.... lawak ntah apa la aku buat hari ni. Lawak yang menjengkelkan orang lain dan yang merendahkan orang lain.

Nah, ini la permandangan matahari terbenam yang aku sempat ambil hanya dengan menggunakan kamera telefon bimbitku yang tidak canggih itu.

With Love,
Little Rose



MUST KNOW - Psyllium Husk

At first i thought of writing my 2nd True Confession about Constipation. But then, better not this time. Not ready to share something that a little bit shameful. However, i am sure a lot of us faced this situation. When you age increased this problem become more common to us. This is all because of our own lifestyle, especially our DIET. Here, i want to share about Psyllium Husk. I bought one bottle of this fiber from Kuching the other day just to try it out. I have problem to go to toilet so, maybe this will work. I did drink Inner Shine, eating banana etc but still i only visit toliet once in three to four days. Feel really bad about it because stomach is not easy and many other things that you feel that you are unhealthy. So, i goole info about this fiber and wanted to share it here.

What is Psyllium Husk?
Psyllium husk or isphagula is the covering of seeds grown on the plant, Plantago Psyllium, which flourishes in the Middle East. Psyllium husk has long been recognized as an excell…

Back in the Office

Feel much better today. My flu is still with me and also the pain over my head. That two still stuck with me. I have three more days to finish all the antibiotic that has been prescribed for me.

With this condition, still feel not so comfortable working in the office. I hope i will not spread this virus to my officemate. Hope they have a very high body immunity and resistant to this virus.

My brain still can not think so well owh. Can not concentrate with my paper work. Jammed! Can not think! Hate this. The dateline is over and yet i am not complete it.

Hmmmm.... Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose

Simpang Mengayau - CNY 2011

I think i almost forgot to share the stories of my holiday to Simpang Mengayau, Kudat during Chinese New Year holiday. Alright, before i forgot everything and since i am not feeling very well, i only share some photos that we took during our visit to the Tip of Borneo. At last i made it to the tip or Borneo.. yai!!!

Day 1 - Sipitang to Penampang to Kota Marudu to Simpang Mengayau to Kota Marudu

Day 2 - Kota Marudu to Kota Belud to Kota Kinabalu to Sipitang

On the 2nd day we are tired and i am tired driving also. Sleep so late around 2am. So, on the 2nd day i forgot to take photo of Pasar Besar KB and so on. Nevermind, will see if we still can make our next trip to KM because we have friend over there.

Anyway, i wanted to thanks all of our friends at KM for their warm welcomed and gave us free accommodation. We are waiting for your turn to visit us here, seeing your old buddies... Really enjoyed the trip even though it was very tiring....

With Love,
Little Rose

Musim Orang Sakit

Sia sitok jak orang sakit kinek tok (Terpaksa molah entri lam bhs melayu swk, sikpat piker gilak tok..palak ku agik heng). Mula2 riya flu ngan berkahak tp sik la berapa batok. Tang tetiba jak marek ku rasa lain macam jak badan. Malam sik tauk berapa kali terbangun sebab badan rasa seram sejuk jak. Udah sejuk, sejuk melampau, udah ya berpeluh2 badan ku. Skali bangun pagi marek mok turun keja, alu terhoyong-hayang jak bejalan. Aduh..tanda sik bagus tok, udahlah ada rasa mok muntah juak. Mula ingat mok paksa dirik gi kerja, tp bila driving pun palak sik betul, terus membelok ke Klinik.

Sampei di klinik tek, madah la dgn MA ya, kamek demam..nya check pa nok patut. Sekali suhu badan 38.9 C.. MA ya madah, "tinggi suhu bdan kamu ni..", aku pulak dengan selamba bodohnya nyanyak, "berapa la suhu normal?"... Cam orang sik belajar Bio jak.. Mmmm.. mengkali palak dah biol kali... huhuhu...

Kakya, ku diberik la beberapa ubat, antibiotik, panadol (ubat nok ku paling sik suka mak…

True Confession #1 - I am a K-Drama Crazy

I am crazy about Korean Drama. I may say that if there is Korean drama old or new, i will watch it. But still i am choosy of what is the story about. I prefer something funny and more to story about family. Actually before this i watch this K-Drama series in NTV7 or 8TV or TV3. But then, the internet is working so well and there a re quite a few websites that i can watch online. Here are three of website that i used to watch this K-Drama. - Watch Asian Drama Online(This one is not working very well with my internet connection right now. But, this site is the first one that i always use to watch online K-Drama before. There are a lot of drama series, Korean, Japanese & Taiwan.) - Feeding your drama addiction(I did watch some of the K-Drama here but still not so good. Loading and buffering and not so good quality of the video. However, i must thank this site because i can watch K-Drama here for free... )maaduu(This is the most recent site that shows only K-Dr…

Youth Group Meeting on Saturday

A little bit dissapointed because we waited for one hour and yet only eight youths present at the meeting. It is out of 43 invitation letters send out and yet only eight present. I feel very bad about it but i am still fine (i think so). Will i give up? Hmm.... maybe not yet. Will give myself this whole year to do something to get this youth group get going. This is something new to them and i am sure their parents also still not very supportive.

My hope and dream for this youth group is that, they can prove to the community arround them that they are not useless but yet a very productive and having a very bright future. If they are not good in their studies, i believe they have some talents that have to be polished. Therefore, they need guidance and walk to the right path. I am not a good or great youth before because i do not have the opprtunity like this. I am yet too shy and low self-esteem, so i don't want them to become one of me. They can become a better person and a great …

Finding Icebreakers Game

I was searching for an icebreakers game for youth gathering tomorrow. Just moke the gathering is more fun and not stressed up with all the discussion that we will be doing. Besides it is good also to have a leaership games. I surf and search in Google and found quite a  few interesting games. Let me share one or two of the games here. It maybe give you some ideas if you need to do it to in future.

# Leadership Icebreakers - The Newspaper Hop
A simple and fun game for a group of participants to see their own teamwork and planning skills in action. It is suitable for most groups to play. However, do be sensitive to people who might be uncomfortable about being blindfolded.

#Purpose• To illustrate the importance of planning and collaboration in the team
• To practice effective communication

#Team Size

About 6 players or more

#Materials Required

A bell
Two blindfolds
Masking tapes to hold down newspapers

#Time Required

About 20 minutes


1. Divide the group into two team…

Start to Believe In Myself Again!!

When people really trust me and have faith in me.......
When people believe in me that I really can make it happen.....
It feels like burden at the beginning because....
I am not sure if i really deserve all the trust from them...
Am i worth of those the faith that they have....
I only see there is no hope in front of me but they see there is another chance...
There is the opportunity to be grabbed...
Something that is still there and i need to step forward to use it wisely...

When i feel give up.... they say:
"I believe you can make are a fighter.... not a looser"... 

"I will not give up on you because i see how hard you work on it before.... We will help you to finish this..."

I keep on telling myself, i am no good because i did not have any confidence left. But when i meet these people and how hard they trying to help me.. What did i do? Did i just sit back on the couch and watching television? Crazy with my K-Drama, Merlin etc...? It is me who waste …

Belated Valentine's Post

I was away to Kuching on 13th and only have internet access on the 13th itself. So, i can not update my blog on valentine's day the 14th.. But what so special to be shared on this day? Actually nothing much i want to share....

Same like last year, i did not celebrate it with my special one. Last year i am alone on the day and this year also the same. But, something more important and interesting is this year because i am spending my one day with my supervisor. Spending my valentine's day discussing about my assignment. With me having flu (running nose), headache, sore throat and really feeling not well. But what other option that i have because i need to maximise my time wisely with my supervisor.

It was a great discussion indeed. There is a point to go forward. Opss... i think this post is not so much story of Valentine's Day.. Ha ha ha.. Should i change the title of the post? Nope... because this is what actually happen on that day...

I am having a great breakfast with …

Safe & Sound

At last i arrived safely in Kuching. Thanks for my dear friend that make his time to fetch me at the airport even though i have to wait for him more than one hour. But, i have great time at the airport because there are so many things that i saw/observed while i sit quietly and at the same time playing with my mobile phone.

People arrived, big & small size, adult & kids, bright & black skin colours, curly & straight hairs, smiling faces and even serious faces. So many expressions in the faces. Waiting for loved ones to arrived, family & friends. Hey! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, perhaps some are waiting for their loved ones to celebrate valentines together tomorrow. Kids are waiting eagerly for their daddy to arrived. What a nice things to see when the daddy arrived, he hug his wife and kiss his daughter forehead. It is really amazing when they still embrace their love even their kids is already big. Must be a 20 years marriage, i may say. Wonderful things to s…

Tanging Yaman

My friend and I, Suzie San is a little bit crazy about Tagalog language. Perhaps we can speak more of the language but it's quite difficult we do not have any discipline to practice the language regularly. 
That is not the main reason why i post this soundtrack here. Last Wednesday, one of my buddy, Steph suddenly came to me after Holy Hour at church. She told me she got something to give me. I am a little bit curious at first. Then she show me the VCD of Tagalog movie title Tanging Yaman. Since i am also a bit crazy of Tagalog movie, so i agreed to borrow it from her. She also mention to me that, this movie have Catholic approach in it. Then, she also ask me whether i did watch Three Wise Men? But i did not see it yet too. 
So, when i went back home, i am still wondering what is this movie about and why suddenly my friend ask me to watch it? Still not got it... At the same night, actually my friend. Suzie give me a few spiritual books and ask me to pick one to read. What is actuall…

The Murut Traditional Costume for Women


The Murut costume for women is a short, black, sleeveless blouse and a long, black skirt decorated with colorful beads.


Traditional costume of women comprising a blouse and a long wrap-skirt of black cotton, and decorated with beadwork. The decorated blouse is called babaru linantian and the wrap-skirt tapi’ linantian.


Belts of silver coins (pipirot linggit) and various type of beads. Most popular being the aki' nampalur, kotos, bungkas, aki’ and olod.


A headdress of several rows beads. When there are many strings, there are shaped into a round skullcap. The salupai functions as a support for the sinikot.


A set of three hairpins, with the sinikot tataun in the middle and two sinikot surai on both side of the hairbun. The larger sinikot tataun has the longest strings of tiny beads floating downwards to the middle of the back.


Necklaces of various types of beads usually in certain order according to the length: bungkas, kotos, aki’ pangungu…

Thought For the Day - Kindness


We don't always know whose lives we have touched, uplifted and inspired by a simple act called kindness, because actions many times have unforeseen ramifications. What's important to remember is that you treat EVERYONE with kindness, even those who are rude to you ~ not because they deserve it, but because you deserve it!
~ Dorothy Murfin ~
With Love, Little Rose

Tabiat (Habit)

Morning all!! I feel like to write something in Malay today. This is something that maybe we can think of for the day... A reflections for the day i may say. Let it be in Malay la.... I got it from the book that my friend lend it to me. A very nice book. Here it is:

Engkau sering kali merasa tidak cocok dengan watak seseorang atau orang lain... Itu tidak mengherankan sebab engkau bukanlah mata uang yang disukai oleh setiap orang. Lagi pula, tanpa perselisihan dengan sesamamu itu, bagaimana engkau akan dapat menghilangkan keangkuhan hati dan jiwamu - kitaksempurnaan dan kelemahan-kelemahan tabiatmu - serta berusaha untuk memupuk semangat cinta kasih dan meraih kesempurnaan dengan lebih teratur, halus dan sabar? Jikalau saja tabiatmu dan orang-orang di sekitarmu itu selalu lembut dan manis seperti manisan empuk, maka engkau tidak akan pernah menjadi seorang suci.

With Love,
Little Rose

Needs Vs Wants

Did you feel sometimes you want so many things and yet your pocket become empty in the middle of the month. Still another week to wait for the salary.

I face this situation many times because i think i can not differentiate between need and want. I google and found quite a few articles and images that describes what is the difference between these two. Actually, i know what is it bt when i want to buy something, i become 'kabur' because the things that is so pretty, so fancy, and so great makes me forget about my pocket. Waaaa.... There goes my money ($$$) having a wings.... (terebang sudah lagi lui sya)...

Alright, here is something to share and hope this will help us better understand these two things.
Need- something you have to have Want -something you would like to have The difference between a need and a want is pretty simple -- until you set yourself loose in a store. Double chocolate chip ice cream? It's a food, so mark it as a need. That designer t-shirt that fit…

Handling Stress

Feeling bad these two days and will say a little bit stress. Holiday is great but after holiday and back to work, things back to my normal days, my everyday life again. Loads of works? Yep.. that is one of the reason that make me stress. But work never finish right, complete one task another task will be waiting to be done. That is why we call it a job. But then another comittment come along...Mmmm..nevermind, i don't want to mention more about the other comittment that add on to my stress.

As i google on "Handling Stress", i found a few sites that have quite an interesting article about handling stress. These is what i found out:
You need stress in your life! Does that surprise you? Perhaps so, but it is quite true. Without stress, life would be dull and unexciting. Stress adds flavor, challenge, and opportunity to life. Too much stress, however, can seriously affect your physical and mental well-being. A major challenge in this stress-filled world of today is to make t…


All of us experience change in our lives. Change is the one constant in our lives. There are changes that we look forward to and change that we fear. However, one thing is for sure. Things will not stay the same no matter how much we would like them too. When a life change occurs, we have two choices in how to respond. We can despair that a change has come and assume that things will be worse, or we can look with excitement at the new possibilities that the change presents.  ~ Adapted from FamilyFriendPoems
P.s: Am i willing to face the change in this life? I am not sure yet......
With Love, Little Rose

Gong Xi Fatt Choi -- A Year Of Rabbit

I think we are still in the mood of Chinese New Year. I am very sorry that i forgot to wish all my Chinese blogger friends here a blast celebration of this CNY 2011. Anyway... still not too late i think.. May the year of Rabbit brings joys, great health and many2 good returns. With that... here is the rabbit.. (^__*)

With Love, Little Rose

Life Choices

Life is all about choices. Good or bad? Right or wrong? At some point the choices that you make is so good but yet at the end it is not that good as time flies. At certain time you feel that the choices you make are right but at some point, there were something wrong about it. This is life our self desires sometimes can completely influence our choice. It can make us never feel satisfied in anything we have, anything we have been given and accomplish in this life.

Can we just be grateful that God has given us so much but yet we never grateful of having it? Hmm.. This is just a random thoughts of mine when my mind is keep on thinking and can’t sleep well, can’t eat well, can’t do much of my work well too..

Just to share a little bit of photo search from GOOGLE with you guys. Perhaps some of you face the situation same as me now. So that I know that I am not alone... (^____^)...

  With Love, Little Rose