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No words to explain because i am not sure what is actually happen to me these past weeks. So many things happen and i am yet an ignorance again. I don't know where is actually my boat is heading, seems to be i am almost lost the direction again. Or maybe i am sinking in this sea of life again?


I almost crash into an accident last Friday and today i receive bad news from home. My cousin commit suicide. Family matters maybe, not sure why he decide to drink that herbicide which maybe he think that is the easiest way to end his life and solve the problem. Did you ever think to do that when you are in serious difficulties or depression? Whatever problem that we face will never can better solved by commit suicide. (But, sometimes i admit, that thought ever cross my mind but i am grateful when Jesus save my life and foremost my SOUL). My cousin family face so many things already, his mum (my aunt) passed away end of last year, his brother-in-law (his sister's husband) also com…

Four Kittens in the House

Presented you my Little Lions....... Grrrrrrrrrr....... Meow!!!! (ha ha ha ha)

--- Cats Lover, Little Rose

Thanks Be To God....

Guys, i am so grateful for the life that God has given for me. Why suddenly i said so? Because i almost involved in an accident today. Today is my first time drive our 4WD to our operation area. So, the first experience always a new learning point and i learn a lotttttt today!

First thing happen is we bump into a logging truck. And it is going up hill and i learn a lesson which side i suppose to pass when i bump into a logging truck. Always go to the right side of the road. Yep, i did not know that is suppose to be done and i am a bit panic. The car off a few times. Berpeluh juga la sya owh. But we dide pass thru.

The next lesson is that, when the road is just grade and it is rain (not heavy rain), it makes the road a little bit wet and very slippery. I almost lost control of the car when we are going down the hill and on the left is ravine and on the right is hill and in the front is a sharp bend. Huhuhu.. We almost involved in accident and i am so grateful to God that we are safe. I…

Takakura Composting Again!

It is true that when you are still working in the same field of your previous work, you will use all the experience and knowledge that you gain before in the new work place. That is lucky so the skills continues and more experienced gained.

However, since in my previous post my trial on the composting using Takakura Home Method is still not established (not sure if the youth continue doing it right now) so, i need to do another trial at this new work place. Still i am lucky because after get back from Japan last year, i get new contact person from JICA that doing this method before. I get to know a few circle of friends and make new network on the Environmental Education. Another lucky me. He he he... 
So, here i want to share one of the video i coincidentally found in You Tube while searching for more info about this THM. This video is giving you full procedure on making Takakura composting. But, it doesn't mention about the measurements of each materials used. But it is okay to …

New Blogger

Ai ya ya... Looks so different when i upgrade my blogger setting to the new blogger interface. So, lots of things to be explored so it will be easier for me to adapt to this new changes. Do you change yours to this new look? 

Hmmmm... Not so comfortable yet!
--- Confused, Little Rose

My 500-th Post

Wow! It's 500-th posts already owh in this blog. I thought i did not update so much but yet it reach 500th today. Good one even though i am not sure if what i share in this blog is worth to be share. It's okay, as long as i write what i want to write. If you feel not to read don't read, just ignore my stories. He he he.. But it would be great if you spend some time with me and maybe we can be friends in this blogosphere. *PEACE*

Okay, since i have a new member in the house and i did share their photos in my previous post, i also want to share this great stories too. Remember my dearie little furry friend JOY the cat? She giving birth to another four little kitten a few days ago. Joy is at my friend's house in Tenom so i can't share the photos with you guys. But i always get the update from my friend. She will upload the photos in FB soon. Can't wait to see them. All four kittens are same colours with Joy. What a coincidence! Because Miau-Miau the cat i rescue t…

My Heart

--- Broken Heart, Little Rose

Yesus -- Ku perlu Tangan-Mu


New Member in The House

Still remember that i have a little furry friend i name her JOY before? I did share some stories about her in this blog. When i was away for 18 days training in Japan, my friend took care of her and now JOY is at her new home in Tenom. She live her life very well there. I still did not find a time to pick her up from my friend's house. Since she is doing very well and now begin to live in the community, i think she is doing great because she is so lonely when we are in Sipitang.

Okay, now i am moving to Kota Marudu, a new place for me. So i need a companion. About one week ago, i saw a pregnant cat at the coffee shop. A stray cat. I told her if she gave birth i will take care of it's kitten. So, five days ago, she deliver her youngs under the stairs inside a box. Lucky that a few shop owners, gave her some food to survive. Two days ago, i took her home.

 --- It's Palm Sunday! Little Rose