New Member in The House

Still remember that i have a little furry friend i name her JOY before? I did share some stories about her in this blog. When i was away for 18 days training in Japan, my friend took care of her and now JOY is at her new home in Tenom. She live her life very well there. I still did not find a time to pick her up from my friend's house. Since she is doing very well and now begin to live in the community, i think she is doing great because she is so lonely when we are in Sipitang.

Okay, now i am moving to Kota Marudu, a new place for me. So i need a companion. About one week ago, i saw a pregnant cat at the coffee shop. A stray cat. I told her if she gave birth i will take care of it's kitten. So, five days ago, she deliver her youngs under the stairs inside a box. Lucky that a few shop owners, gave her some food to survive. Two days ago, i took her home.

#Day 1: Arrive home at 8.30pm. She is so protective to the youngs.
I name her ANGEL. With hope that she can be the Guardian Angel for her youngs
and also our home. Welcome to your new home ANGEL.
#Day 2: She aware that now she is at the new place. Only came out from
the box. 
#Day 2: The kitten looks healthy. Still not open the eyes.. Hey! it's just
about 3 or 5 days. Not even a week. Got two names from my BFF,
CHARM & HYENA but i still don't know which one male and which
one female. 
It's Palm Sunday!
Little Rose


  1. omg... they're so cute.... comel..

  2. Dora--cumil kan? he he he.. skrg buka mata sudah semua anak2nya ni..

    Markati--comel banget ya? he he he.. hari2 saya rasa macam mau main2 dengan mereka tapi masih terlalu kecil..


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