My 500-th Post

Wow! It's 500-th posts already owh in this blog. I thought i did not update so much but yet it reach 500th today. Good one even though i am not sure if what i share in this blog is worth to be share. It's okay, as long as i write what i want to write. If you feel not to read don't read, just ignore my stories. He he he.. But it would be great if you spend some time with me and maybe we can be friends in this blogosphere. *PEACE*

Okay, since i have a new member in the house and i did share their photos in my previous post, i also want to share this great stories too. Remember my dearie little furry friend JOY the cat? She giving birth to another four little kitten a few days ago. Joy is at my friend's house in Tenom so i can't share the photos with you guys. But i always get the update from my friend. She will upload the photos in FB soon. Can't wait to see them. All four kittens are same colours with Joy. What a coincidence! Because Miau-Miau the cat i rescue that day also having four kittens same colour as her, The Orangie Familia.. Phew!!! Semua sama warna macam mama dorang.

Here is Joy photo back in February shared by my friend.

Cat Lovers,
Little Rose


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