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Change Job. Again!

How many times do you think you change job after your first job? I change quite a few times already. Why? Because i wanted to know where my heart is. I know that i love working in the jungle. I am a jungle Lady. So i am searching and searching for it hoping that i will find it one day. Yes, i believe God will leads my way.

So, wanted to know where am i heading started this month? I will be heading to Langkawi Island. A new place and another new adventure and challenge that i will face. Where will be i am working? I working inside the jungle again and i am super excited to know more what awaits me there. Now, actually i am on the way there. I am at the airport waiting for my connecting flight to Langkawi.

Wish me all the best guys. I hope this will be my last job before i decide to return back to my hometown.

Hoping for the Best!
Little Rose