Change Job. Again!

How many times do you think you change job after your first job? I change quite a few times already. Why? Because i wanted to know where my heart is. I know that i love working in the jungle. I am a jungle Lady. So i am searching and searching for it hoping that i will find it one day. Yes, i believe God will leads my way.

So, wanted to know where am i heading started this month? I will be heading to Langkawi Island. A new place and another new adventure and challenge that i will face. Where will be i am working? I working inside the jungle again and i am super excited to know more what awaits me there. Now, actually i am on the way there. I am at the airport waiting for my connecting flight to Langkawi.

Wish me all the best guys. I hope this will be my last job before i decide to return back to my hometown.

Hoping for the Best!
Little Rose


  1. Good luck Rose! Jauh ko melangkau, Langkawi jugak landing.

    Lamak sik ngabas sitok eh. Hope ur doing well!


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