I am only an ordinary human being. I am not a bionic woman. When a lot tasks need to be done, i need a helping hands. I need someone with sincere heart to lend me their energy and time. I am grateful to God because there were some beautiful creature of God willing to help me sincerely. I am thankful to God and hope His blessings will richly shower them and may all the good things be upon them. I can not gave them any rewards, only my prayer that they will be rewarded by God for their kindness.

Somehow, i am sorry for those that i asks for help without knowing that they do it just the matter of thinking of reward. I am sorry because i have nothing to gave you as a reward. I am working with community, with people, i am doing this for people that need us... So, i hope we can do something together for them without thinking what is our reward. It is only up to God. God sent His son to save us and His sacrifice.... we have nothing to reward the sacrifice that He has done.

Thank you Lord for always guide me to become humble and down to earth. Thank you so much Jesus.

With Love,
Little Rose


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