Birthday ~~ 20.06.2011

I turn 30 this year. I am not that excited with my birthday, it is just a normal birthday because i never really celebrate my birthday. In my whole life, i only really celebrate my birthday one or two times only. Why? Not need for me to elaborate it further here, i have some reason for it and let it be a secret for myself.

So, i am not expecting a surprise birthday party from my friends or a surprise visit by my boyfriend and etc..etc.. I only expected a surprise call in the midnight as usual (as what they did every year) by my sisters and bestfriends (quite a few of them from Miri, KL, Bintulu) but none of them call me. Hmmmm... i am quite dissapointed and i thought they already forgot about my birthday. The most meaningful birthday gift for me is only a one minute call wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Why? Because i can hear their voices which i miss the most.. I get to know from their voice too that they are doing fine over there. Even they are not in front of me. It is not that they call me everyday, it is only that day. But, this is life. Sometimes we can not get what we want but God give to us in other way.

My dearest friends here at my work place did something really touch my heart. I get surprise birthday party from my dearest friends Amy & Sza which i really didn't expect. Your surprise is really a surprise guys. Then i was invited by my friend Joan to her house and having dinner with them. I thought it was only me and her family but then, there are Anton, Walter, Ben, Lawrence, Junex & family joining us that night. Wah.... from nothing to something...memorable and meaningful birthday for me. I get hundred over birthday wishes in FaceBook, quite a few friends also send me SMS. Two of my bestbuddy from Miri & KL, we have a long conversation through phone calls.. and it was great!

I am grateful to God that on this day, he already gave me 30 years living in this world. He gave me breath to live my life for this long. For that, i give you thanks my Lord. I am really happy because You sent me wonderful people around me, to be my family & friends. Thank you for the love, joy and happiness that You gave to us for us to celebrate it together. I have nothing to repay thier kindness only my prayer to You that they will be granted Your full blessings. Shower them with Your Love and let their live their life peacefully. In Jesus name i pray. Amen.

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Hey hey, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your favorite bloggers!!!! May you find success, happiness,and health!!!

  2. HAPPY BESDAY ROSE!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the club! *HUGS*

  3. marjaan--Thanks for your wish and may all the happiness and success and good health be with u too...

    CG--Thanks dear.. *HUGS*.. :-)


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