Joy - Kucing Kecilku Keguguran

Sebenarnya rasa macam tak nak buat entri ni tapi tetap juga rasa nak buat sikit perkongsian pengalaman. Dua hari yang lalu iaitu pada hari Selasa, semasa balik dari kerja saya nampak si Joy macam ada restless sikit. Dia macam tak selesa. I hold her and trying to comfort her. Then, i realize that there is something with her stomach. Joy is still very small in size, she only grow a little bit from the day that i took her home. I am very curious with her stomach so, i did try to figure it out and i feel a little bit movement in her stomach. I didn't push or squeeze her stomach just a gentle touch and i feel the movements. With that i thought she had a baby inside her stomach and i was guessing it will be three of them. Only that Tuesday night my friend and i agreed that she had a baby. We did not notice it because she is still so small and the stomach didn't show at all. It is just because when i touch her stomach, i feel something hard. Even i thought she infected by worms again. I was wrong, she is pregnant.

Only about half and hour later, my friend call me from the living room and told me something is wrong with my Joy. She looks like wanted to delivered. She really makes us confused because, i observed my cat (when i was a child, i did saw my cat deliver it's young) deliver but not with the position and action that Joy shows. That night was really horrible and bad experienced for us because we keep an eye on Joy finishing her delivery session for all three of her fetuses. It is complete with every features, the only thing is not yet there is the fur and some other but i can not look at it for long because it was really sad moments for me. All three is still alive but still they are not surviving because it is actually not the time yet. Joy was not ready for the baby or she was sick/ fever. It's only me that not aware of her condition.

After the miscarriage she seems to be fine. No bleeding and she just recover from the incident. She is fine now, she eat well and back to normal. The only thing that i realize today is that, Joy is sharing her male with Muna, the cat next door. Only today i have seen Muna face to face again and be able to hold her for a while. And you know what? Muna is also pregnant now. Muna having a very big stomach and it really obvious if compared to my little Joy. Joy can not face Muna, and same goes to Muna. Both of them is very territorial now. They are no longer friends, they are enemy because actually both of them were pregnant. It is only that my Joy miscarriage two days ago. Pity for my little hairy friend, Joy.   

That's all for my very sad story. Hope my dear joy will be fine and recover well soon. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose 


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