Top Spin Souvenior

I did mention about souveniors for the invited speakers in my previous post Saturday Morning. I also promise i will share about it in my next post. Here it is.

On Saturday morning, Pak Cik Hamit can not finish all 11 pieces of top spin so he asks me to collect it on Sunday morning. After church on Sunday, my friend and i went to his house and collect all 11 pieces with six different types/ shape of top spin. Actually it is for pen holder with top spin on it. All six design/ shape have its own uniqueness with different names. See by yourself and you will amazed by his creativity and amazing hand work.

Gasing Languai
The shape of one species of wild fruit that can be found
in the deep forest.
Gasing Kebangsaan (National Top Spin)
This is called national top spin because it can be played by all
Malaysian whether they are in Peninsular, Sabah or Sarawak.
Gasing Pidada
The design is follow the shape of one wild fruits that can
be found near the swampy river.
Gasing Tajau
This is follow the shape of "tajau". Tajau is the big
traditional ceramic "pot".
Gasing Anggau
I am not sure what language is this but it maybe
Kedayan language which means high.
I am sorry if i get this one wrong.
Gasing Labu
Follow the shape of pumpkin.
This is cost me only RM17.00 each. Quite an affordable and worth price to buy. He manage his business from home and it is called Hj. Hamit Souvenir. Malaysian Craft is in process of helping him to develop his business. I am happy for him because there is government agencies willing to help him out. Now he have his own trading license for him to sell all his products.

I always wish him the best because he is so down to earth and always share his experiences and knowledge with us. I am grateful that i have a chance to get to know him. Actually, we did help him a little bit to introduce his product to Malaysian Craft and it is the right channel to promote his product up to international level.

Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose 


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